Samsung To Launch First Tizen Smartphone Based on Exynos 4

Tizen Tizen is Samsung’s own mobile operating system, in case you never heard of it, it’s not a weird Asian dish or anything. Samsung is working on Tizen for some time now and according to their Vice President, they will launch their first Tizen based smart phone sometime this year, in August or September. Tizen is an open source operating system based on  the Linux kernel and the WebKit runtime. So we can safely assume it is actually some sort of an Android version, rice flavored. It will be used on smart phones, tablets and Smart TV’s. You may ask yourself about the reason for developing Tizen. Well, according to rumors, Samsung’s doesn’t seem to get along with Google like they used to, so they are trying to create their own operating system, and that’s cool with me, competition is not a sin in my book. While the first Tizen smart phone is still expected to show up, there were leaks in the past about an alleged picture of a Tizen device featuring a 720p display and running on an Exynos 4 system on chip, with the code name Redwood GT-I8805. Tizen After taking a look in Tizen’s repository, it becomes obvious that Samsung is working on a Tizen smart phone which will have support for two chipsets, both Exynos versions, namely the Exynos 4212 and Exynos 4412. The first, the Exynos 4212 is the old system on chip that was used on the Galaxy S2, now with some upgrades but basically the same stuff. The second is a newer version, which can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S3. Both Exynos SoCs are powered by Cortex-A9 processors, the first is a dual core, the second is a quad core, clocked at 1.4 GHz and they both feature a Mali-400 GPU for 3d applications. From these specs,it seems obvious that the first Tizen smart phone will be a mid-ranged smart phone, and it will not compete with Samsung’s flag ship devices, like the S4. At least, not now. Source : Tizen  

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