The rumored successor to the original Samsung Vibrant has been pictured by a person who’s had a lot of time with the device. The clear image of the Samsung Vibrant 4G reveals the presence of a front facing camera, but perhaps even more interesting is its operating system. The Vibrant 4G was rumored to launch with Froyo, which is practically a slap in the face to current Vibrant owners who have been stuck on Android 2.1 for over six months now, but instead it looks like it will launch with Android 2.3. For once, it seems Samsung is going to launch a smartphone operating on the latest version of Android, which should help improve sales of the Vibrant 4G, considering it is two whole iterations above the current vibrant. If you’re wondering when this 4G beast will be available on the T-Mobile network, TmoNews is reporting a possible launch of February 23. However, if Samsung takes longer than expected to port TouchWiz onto Android 2.3, the February 23rd launch date could be pushed back.

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