Samsung Will Release Super Fast LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4

LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4 The good people from Samsung are planning to hit us with yet another variant of their flagship Samsung Galaxy S4, namely the LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4. This new  version will come with better data transfer capabilities, as it will be twice as fast as the regular one. The announcement was made today by the head of Samsung Mobile J.K. Shin, and I’m not kidding either. Samsung is the biggest tech company in the world in terms of revenue and they intend to commercialize the latest version of the S4 in South Korea starting this month. The new LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4 will feature an advanced  4G technology,namely the LTE-Advanced 4G tech, which is the latest and the greatest high tech stuff  in terms of mobile data transfer, like  an upgrade of some sort. LTE stands for “long term evolution”, so the advanced LTE is kind of a logical step forward for the Koreans. Shin stated in an interview for Reuters about the LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4, let me quote: “We’ll be the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the smartphone,” The LTE-Advanced version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be twice as fast as the normal 4G variant, and the modems will be provided by Qualcomm. Samsung claims that a movie which usually takes 3 minutes to download, not it will be ready to watch in just a little bit more than a minute. Market analysts said on June the 7th that the smart phone market is getting saturated, and they are probably right, since Samsung’s shares dropped with some 20 billion $ after the S4’s sales forecast figure was severely downgraded with ~30%. iPhone is encountering the same problems with their iPhone 5, but Samsung is actively taking measures in order to avoid the drop in sales in the future. To get an idea about how markets work and how sound the financial system is, yes, you got that right: Samsung’s shares dropped because SOME people THINK their sales will be slower in the future, yet at the moment they are in full throttle, pedal to the metal! Ain’t that something folks? Shin explained that the S4 is the biggest profit generator for Samsung as I write you this, and he has high hopes for the LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4 in the future. About the pricing, the LTE-Advanced is expected to be slightly more expensive, but nothing out of the ordinary. Source : Reuters  

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