Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse Game hits Google Play

You’ve seen the commercials and now you can play the game. If you watch TV there’s no doubt you’ve seen Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse commercials, and while most of us assumed the game they talk about in the spot was fake, turns out it isn’t. Yes, we now have a Unicorn Apocalypse game…

Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse commercials started out touching on security and showed developers playing a “game” they were working on in the office called Unicorn Apocalypse. Well the game is out, and it’s basically a clone of Robot Unicorn Attack. The Unicorn Apocalypse game lets you run and jump across the rooftops while you try to avoid hazards and take out your enemies. The enemies are all humans, because Apocalyptic Unicorns just don’t give a damn. You can shoot Unicorn horns at your enemies or just dash through them, and you’ll only die when you run out of health or miss a jump. There are no extras to speak of, but description does mention 3 different boss types.

It’s nice to see that Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse game actually exists, but it’s ironic that a lot of Samsung owners have had issues with it. I’ve tested it on two devices so far; it lagged a bit on my Nexus, but ran perfectly on my S3. The game has a cool style, but that’s really about it… the commercial is much cooler than the actual game. If you want to check it out you can pick up Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse for free on Google Play.

Unicorn Apocalypse

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