Save Christmas in DreamWorks Dash n Drop for Android

If you love animated films you’re probably well aware of the awesome looking Rise of the Guardians. Thanks to PikPok & DreamWorks Dash n Drop you can visit the colorful world before the film is released, and you might not want to leave once you get there. DreamWorks Dash n Drop is a Christmas game where you command a sleigh with the goal of distributing presents to children around the globe. The controls are simple as you’ll touch the screen and hold to dive and release to rise. Each level requires you to scoop up presents and drop them into chimneys, but it won’t be all that easy as you’ll have to avoid present stealing Nightmares send from the evil spirit Pitch. You will get some help in the form of power-ups though, and you can buy them with coins earned during gameplay. Dash n Drop’s levels are spread out across three different countries spanning different cities around the world. I don’t have an exact level count yet, but I’m guessing around 15 or so as the first country covers five cities. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Dash n Drop since I caught the trailer a few days ago, and the Android game is a pleasant surprise as it’s quite a bit of fun. There’s a lot more to Dash n Drop than meets the eye and it’s a game that everyone can enjoy regardless of age. I highly recommend everyone give DreamWorks Dash n Drop a go and you can get it on Google Play for only $0.99.

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