Save Humanity with your Drumming Skills in Flow a Space Drum Saga for Android

We’ve seen our fair share of tap rhythm games this year, but it’s always nice to see something fresh like Flow – A Space Drum Saga from Spaceware. Flow is a “space drumming game” which is a first, but it’s also a space drumming game with a storyline where you’ll get to save some little aliens. The story behind Flow – A Space Drum Saga is an interesting one as you play a captain/drummer that’s been in hyperspace for the past 50 years. You’re awoken by a little alien or robot of some sort and thrown right into things as once you pick a difficulty it’s on like Donkey Kong. When the ‘test’ starts you’ll see 4 drum pads/buttons on the screen along with a few funky looking aliens. All you need to do is tap to the beat which sounds simple enough, but it’s anything but simple unless you’re a musical genius of some sort. As each square lights up and makes a note you’ll want to tap the square in time with the music, and as you progress more squares/beats are added. The developers highly recommend that you use headphones to play the game (several times) and they are 100% right. I generally play all games sans headphones, but Flow is much easier and a whole lot more fun with some earbuds crammed into your ears. I only gave flow a brief play, but it’s one of the most unique rhythm games I’ve played and it’s pretty tough as well. Tough is good in this case as most musical games get a little boring after a while, but Flow does a great job of holding  your attention. Even though I’ve just scratched the surface of the game it seems to have good depth, and it’s got an online mode that lets you check your scores against the best of the world and allows you to win virtual medals. If you’re looking for a new rhythm game Flow – A Space Drum Saga is definitely the one to get, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.



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