Save Puppies from the Pound in Miniclip's Off the Leash

Miniclip has put out some great Android Games this year, and they’ve just released another fun title by the name of Off the Leash. As the name implies, Off the Leash is all about the dogs as you play a pooch that’s out to thwart the evil Chief of Police whose obviously a cat person. The new Chief of Police has put a ban on dogs and your job is to help your fellow four legged friends escape the cops and evade capture. The game itself is kind of an endless runner as you’ll take your dog and try to guide him through the level by tilting your phone left to right to avoid obstacles while picking up dogs and coins. The gameplay is very straightforward (literally) and quite a bit of fun. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to use your hard earned cash on power-ups, headwear, and new dogs of course. By the numbers Off the Leash offers up 9 different dogs, 99 unique missions, and around 30 unlockables. Off the Leash is a bit different from Miniclip’s previous releases, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. The graphics are cute, the gameplay is fun, and there are plenty of challenges to take on. It’s definitely not a game for cat lovers, but if you want some fast-paced action and are in the mood to help out Man’s best friend it’s a game that’s well worth a look. You can check out Miniclip’s Off the Leash for free on Google Play.

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