Battery Life is one of the biggest issues with smartphones today, and your phone’s WiFi is one of those battery draining culprits. Developers S4BB came out with an Android application that will help you save some of that precious battery life with Smart WiFi. It works by combining information from cell towers and WiFi hotspots to turn you WiFi off when it’s not needed, as WiFi can cause you to lose quite a bit of battery life depending on your setup. Smart WiFi remembers cell tower information, and detects when you leave your hotspots whether it’s the office, at home, or even Starbucks. It will turn itself off when you leave the WiFi zones, which in turn saves you some battery life. It can automatically scan for hotspots, or you can set them manually; up to 100 WiFi locations can be saved in the program.  As soon as you come back into one of your WiFi areas, it will come back on as usual.Smart WiFi will automatically add newly connected WiFi locations, has an activity log so you can track the programs efficiency, and you can even treat the same SSID hotspots as one WiFi location if you choose. It supports Android devices that are GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and iDEN as long as WiFi is enabled. After giving the program a go for a few days, I can honestly say it does what it says. I haven’t tried to gauge exactly how much battery life I’ve saved yet, but I can definitely tell a difference so far on my Captivate. I use WiFi a lot, and this is one app that is going to stay on my phone for awhile. The Dev’s also state that Smart WiFi comes with a 30 day “value back guarantee,” you can get the full details on that here. There isn’t a trial version, but the paid version will only set you back around $1.95. If you’d like to give Smart WiFi a shot, you can pick it up in the Android Market.

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