Seagate Unveils 5mm Thick 500 GB Hard Disk For Tablets


Seagate just announced its latest hard disk model, a 5mm ultra thin  500 GB unit designed especially for tablets. The idea behind this super hard disk is to be a viable alternative for the flash drives.

Seagate claims that their product offers the same reliability, performance and power efficiency as a flash memory, with the obvious advantage of increased storage capacity.

This idea may look weird, in an era when Google tries to convince you to store all your private data in the cloud and NSA grins and approves tacitly. In my opinion, Seagate’s project is refreshing, pushing forward larger internal storage capabilities in smart devices.

One of the obvious advantages of flash memories is that they don’t have moving parts, and that makes them resistant to shocks. Seagate designed a system for their hard disk named Ultra Mobile HDD which protects the device from shocks, heat and vibrations. On top of that, the new hard disk comes with Seagate’s in house-made ZGS (zero gravity sensor) that determines when the tablet is falling down and parks the head of the hard disk in just 60 milliseconds.


What can I say, pretty impressive efforts from Seagate, but I don’t think a spinning drive could be nowhere near as shock resistant as a flash memory.

Seagate claims that a tablet using their new hard drive + an 8 GB flash memory(they are advocating hybrids lately) uses the same amount of energy as a 64 GB tablet.The Ultra Mobile HDD is said to offer the same performance as a 16 GB tablet, in terms of data transfer speeds.

The 5 mm thin 2.5 inch drive weighs a mere 3.3 oz and the 500 GB of storage space are more than enough for over 100 HD movies, 8000 hours of music or 160 000 photos.

For the time being, we don’t have information about companies which may be interested in the new device, but if it performs as good as Seagate is claiming, it could be an instant hit.




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