Secret Code Leads To Special Droid X Page

Verizon posted another video on YouTube about the Motorola Droid X after it launched on the first day. Again, it is a pretty cool video like the first one but actually shows the Droid X at the end. Verizon hid a special message inside the video this time in the form of a ten letter code. The first time I watched the video, I completely missed the code, but when I knew I needed to keep my eyes peeled for a code it’s pretty easy to see. Apparently a reader found the code and reported it to Droid-Life where it was then discovered the code has a purpose – to reveal a secret page. If you navigate to the DroidDoes web page, there is an option at the bottom for you to input your Droid Code. Logically, if you take the code found from the video and enter it at DroidDoes, something should happen. In fact, the page then becomes what you see on top. In case you can’t read the text in the picture, the most important sentence says to “Report back to this page regularly for further instructions.” Also, it says not to share the code with “less intrepid explorers” but it’s a little too late for that. We’ll be keeping a watch on the page to see if Verizon decides to reveal any more information. Oh yeah, the special code is JXYDA QWQYD.

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