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Secret Exit releases Zen Bound 2 for Android

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There are many different types of Android games out there from action-packed shooters to calmer casual games. If you’re looking for a calming experience or a zen-like game look no further than Zen Bound 2 from Secret Exit.

Zen Bound 2 puts you to work wrapping rope around different types of wooden objects. There is no time limit, but you will be required to wrap a certain amount of rope around nails embedded in each sculpture before advancing to the next stage. Manipulating your statues is done through swipes; the controls are very easy to use so anyone should be able to play Zen Bound. As you hit the nails it will throw a little color onto the sculptures and help you hit your level goals. You’ll also need to hit the glowing white nail to finish things out; always keep that sucker in mind as it’s easy to accidentally block yourself off from the final nail when your roping other nails off. I’m not sure how many levels there are in Zen Bound 2, but there looks to be 10 different tree’s with several different levels on each tree.


Zen Bound 2 is another great game I found through the Because We May sale, and it’s also one of the most unique games I’ve ever played. I’m very early into the game, but it already has its hooks in me and it’s the type of game you want to show off to people as well. Zen Bound 2 looks great on my Transformer Prime and my Captivate… it’s going to look great on your Android devices too. I highly recommend checking this one out; you can pick up Secret Exit’s Zen Bound 2 on Google Play for $0.99 until June 1st as part of the Because We May sale.

Zen Bound 2

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