Sector Strike blasts its way to Google Play

If you’ve played and enjoyed the Android game Tank Hero, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love the latest game from the same developer Clipfoot called Sector Strike. From its name alone you can easily find out what this game is all about. Well, it’s another space shooter set in the future. According to the app’s description, Sector Strike is a futuristic shoot’em up that will challenge your reflexes and wits by combining the mechanics of old school shotoers and the aesthetics of modern 3D games. If the game desription suits your gaming preference, then Sector Strike should be landing on your Android devices as soon as possible. So, the game will have you battling your way through waves of AI drones in 4 unique environments. The game offers the usual stuff such as earning credits and upgrading ships, weapons, equipments and abilities. To make the game even more interesting and addictive, the game developers added an addictive power-up system, and 20 weapons and abilities to learn. the games advanced graphics is a sight to behold especially if you’re using a high-powered Android device. The original soundtrack by Boneyard Audio adds good value to the game as well. And for those who are fond of changing devices, here’s a good news – the game supports cloud backup support which means you can save your game data in the cloud and load it up on your new Android device without losing your game achievements. The best part is that the game support even low-end Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace. From the looks of it, and if given the chance Sector Strike maybe on its way to becoming one of the must-have Android game. You can download Sector Strike for free from Google Play  now.

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