Sega brings real time strategy Total War Battles: Shogun to Android

If you’re a fan of real time strategy games, you’re probably aware of the Total War series which was released on various platforms except mobile. But thanks to Sega, the latest game in the series was released recently under the name – Total War Battles: Shogun. Specifically created for touchscreen devices, Total War Battles: Shogun provides quick-fire, tactical combat together with intuitive building and unit management set in nice game environment inspired by Medieval Japan. For more than 10 hours of gameplay, you’ll surely have a blast deploying and managing your bases to generate resources and recruits. These units are composed of samurai, archers, ninjas and cavalry. Everytime you win, you’ll be rewarded with XP which you can spend to build new troops as well as upgrade existing ones. Total War Battles: Shogun also features a new real-time battle system. These include hex battle maps that allows natural unit movements and deep strategy. Other features of the game include 1 vs 1 local multiplayer mode, and skirmish mode. Total War Battles: Shogun is available now $4.99 from Google Play.

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