Sega debuts Sonic Jump on Google Play, is a vertical platformer with everyone’s favorite character

Previously released for iOS devices, Sega’s Sonic Jump game has just made its to Google Play and is now available for your Android devices. As the title of this game suggests, Sonic Jump stars the ever popular Sega game character, Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike other Sonic games where our beloved character embarks on an endless running, jumping, sliding and rolling on a horizontal platform, in Sonic Jump you’ll have Sonic the Hedgehog jumping vertically from one platform to another – endlessly.

That’s right, Sonic Jump is Sega’s take on the endless running game and made its own game an endless vertical jumping game. Of course as you jump from one platform to another, you’ll be encountering obstacles as well collecting gems. You can play as Sonic, Knuckles or Tails although at first only Sonic will be playable but you can always unlock the other two characters using the coins you’ve collected or via in-app purchase if you can no longer wait to play them.

All that being said, Sonic Jump can be best described as a pretty simple game with colorful graphics and some more nice features. It’s available now as a free download from Google Play. To be honest, I enjoyed playing this game on my iPad and I don’t see any reason why it will not be as enjoyable on an Android smartphone or tablet. So, check it out now.

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