Sega of America releases Jet Set Radio for Android

Sega of America has brought some great games to Android, and their latest game is one fans have been longing for. Jet Set Radio for Android has finally arrived on Google Play and after only spending a short time with the game I can tell you that it was well worth the wait. Jet Set Radio is a game all about graffiti, well graffiti and flying around on magnetic in-line skates. You’ll hit the streets of Tokyo-to where you’ll tag up turf and everything else with graffiti while trying to stay ahead of the law. Needless to say if you played this bad boy on Dreamcast back in the day you already know how fun it is. Sega has updated Jet Set Radio for modern times with high resolution graphics, but the classic beats are still all there as you’ll get 29 out of the 30 original Dreamcast tunes from Pirate Radio. If you never played the OG version of the game, now’s your chance to check out Jet Set Radio for Android. The game ran great on my Galaxy S3, and I really liked the new features that make use of your phones touchscreen and camera. Check back next week for a full review of the game, until then you can check out Sega of America’s Jet Set Radio for $4.99 on Google Play.

Jet Set Radio

Sega of America

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