They just continue to pour in. The latest Japanese company to join the tablet wars is Sharp which just announced two new tablets in 5-  and 10-inch iterations. Sorry if I will cause you to grinch, but believe it or not, these tablets will be called the Sharp Galapagos. I know it doesn’t sound very tablet-like but hey, it’s their product so we can’t do anything about it’s not so appropriate name. Anyway, the announcement was very vivid with details of the two Sharp Galapagos tablets. There wil be two sizes – 10.8 and 5.5. The later perhaps more appropriate to be called an MID but that due to its many features, we can say that it indeed a tablet device. So, what do we know about these two new Sharp tablets aside from their sizes? Sharp is earmarking these two tablets as e-reading devices in line with Sharp’s own e-bookstore which will open up later on. Probably just in time for the release of the Sharp Galapagos tablets. Both tablets will feature an intuitive interface and Wi-Fi. The Sharp Galapagos 5.5-inch tablet will be available in red and silver design, while the 10.8-inch Galapagos will only be available in black. Now, the most important question is – will the Sharp Galapagos tablet has Android for its OS? Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t mention about the tablets’ OS. Android was not specifically mentioned. But then, Sharp doesn’t need to announce it probably because Sharp is assuming that all tablets to be release anytime time would be running Android OS – because it’s free and open-source and it can compete very well with Apple iPad’s iOS. We will see, whether Sharp will take the Android Route or used some other OS to run on the Galapagos tablet. To know more about the Sharp Galapagos, visit its official site which incidentally is still under construction as of now.

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