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Shazam now tags TV Shows and Ads as well as Music

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While there may be several different Android apps available on the Google Play Store to help you identify music you’re listening to, Shazam is one of the most popular and well known apps. If a song is playing you don’t know, instead of searching for the lyrics online, just load the app up and it will identify the song. Up until now, as well as being able to ‘tag’ music, select sponsored ads and TV shows could also be tagged by tapping a button within the app. Now however, any TV show can be tagged to find out what it is and be given more information about it. When a TV show is tagged, it will show information about the show, as well as the cast with information from IMDB. The Shazam app will also show a list of music found in the show. There is also a Trivia section and ‘celebrity buzz’ section which shows users the latest tabloid headline. It will also bring up a list of the latest tweets about the specific show that has been tagged. Shazam has been downloaded and is used by more than 250,000 users on various mobile platforms and despite only being able to tag selected sponsored shows, 54 percent of users are reported to be using the Shazam app to tag shows and ads on TV weekly so Shazam Entertainment Limited have expanded its use to all shows. For those who haven’t used the app yet it is free to download but, is ad supported. There is also an ad free version named Shazam Encore which costs $5.59/£3.59 to download but, does come with a couple of exclusive features – it links to Pandora and provides music recommendations.