Sheep vs. Wolves in Color Sheep for Android

Sheep are generally not known for being powerful creatures, unless they’re magical sheep of course. Color Sheep from Trinket Studios will show you just how mighty the wooly animals can be especially when they’re equipped with laser beams. Color Sheep is the tale of Sir Woolson, Knight of Light and protector of sheep. Wolves have emerged from the depths of Wolfcano and have set out to steal light and color from the world. As sheep don’t have hands to wield weapons with you’ll have to rely on Sir Woolson’s color changing wool and incinerating light beam. That’s where the fun comes into play as you’ll have to mix colors to take out your enemies and we’re not just talking about 3 simple colors either. Some wolves are darker than others so you’ll have to watch for different shades or you’ll quickly become mutton. Color Sheep was just released this morning and it’s one of the more interesting games we’ve seen lately. A sheep shooting colored light from its mouth is definitely something a little out of the ordinary, but a lot of fun nonetheless. There’s no free version available at this time, but the full version of Color Sheep is a steal at only $0.99.

Color Sheep

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