Taser Like Device Will Help You Curb Your Facebook Addiction


The Pavlov Poke is a device invented by two MIT students,Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff , and it’s intended for those of you addicted to Facebook . It works by sending an electric shock through your wrist when it determines you’ve spend already too much time online.

The electric shock is not dangerous, just unpleasant, ljust ike a wake up call in the morning after a LAN party with your friends(I hope these things are still trendy, God I’m old!). The “get off the internet NOW and go have a life” electric shock comes after the Pavlov Poke warns you with an on-screen message. If you fail to comply, well, you’re on your own!


The Pavlov Poke rests under your wrist while you’re surfing the internet and it’s connected to your computer via an USB port. Obviously, you must install the dedicated software which will track and monitor your internet habits and also the time you spend online.

The idea is simple and ingenious, with a touch of dark side, Mandark like genius. Actually, if I think about it, it’s a very useful one, since Facebook addiction is becoming a serious problem, I have friends obsessed with their Facebook News Feed even when they’re driving.

According to a Swedish study, almost 80 percent of the people are logging into their Facebook account as soon as they start up their computer. And 25% of the subjects said that they feel sick if they don’t log into Facebook every day to check things out.The university of Chicago claims that Facebook and Twitter addiction is worse than cigarettes and alcohol. And that claim doesn’t shock me, because Facebook is designed to be addictive, it’s a built in feature, if you think about it.  According to comScore, the regular Facebook user spends on average 8 hours/month spreading likes and cat pictures on the site.

The Pavlov Shock project started as a joke but it revealed a very serious problem when it comes to designing our communication technologies.

Morris and McDuff have no intention of monetizing on their invention just yet.


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