Shoot for the Fruit in Words Mobile’s Fruit Shoot for Android

Fruit Shoot is the latest Android game from the folks at Words Mobile, and it’s quite different from their previous titles like Music Hero and Air Hockey Deluxe. Fruit Shoot is a game that’s all about fruit and arrows with some bears and evil dragons thrown in for good measure.

Archery games are a sure fire way to have fun on a touchscreen device and Fruit Shoot aims to put your skills to the test as you try to shoot fruits off the head of cute little bears. Actually, those bears ain’t so cute and they tend to fight back once you shoot their fruit. Each stage in Fruit Shoot requires you to remove fruit from the animals head, and if you don’t maim them in the process you’ll have to kill them afterwards. Yeah I know, try not to hit them only to kill them later… such is the life of a video game character. Needless to say, the gameplay is simple and a whole lotta’ fun. Fruit Shoot isn’t just a simple physics-shooter though, this game’s got legs. You’ll get to fire arrows in 90 different levels spanning three different areas, and there’s a versus mode that lets you go up against the CPU or a friend.

I spent a lot of time playing Words Mobile’s Music Hero and it’s nice to see something like Fruit Shoot from the team. It’s a simple physics-flinger that’s easy to pick up and play, but very hard to put down once you get on a roll. If you’d like to give it a shot you can pick up Word’s Mobiles Music Hero for free on Google Play.

Fruit Shoot

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