There are several food related Android apps out there and we recently stumbled across a cool new one called DishPal : delicious app from SK planet. If you like food (and showing it off) Dishpal may just be the app for you… Dishpal allows you to take photos of dishes and share them while you’re on the go. Whether it’s a great meal from a 5-star restaurant or something you whipped up at home, Dishpal makes sharing easy. It’s also a great way to find new dishes as you can find the best meals or restaurants based on your friend’s comments and suggestions. If that wasn’t enough the app has a set of filters to make your foodie photos pop and lets you create a personalized food photo magazine about recipes or restaurants. Last but not least, you’ve got the “Potluck” feature which lets you take part in a 24-hour virtual potluck party that allows you to find new dishes and friends.



Dishpal is an easy to use app with a nice interface and plenty of features. A lot of folks are into their food and showing off their culinary skills, so I expect this app to be a popular one. I don’t cook a whole lot, but I did enjoy browsing the food, wine, and fast food pictures that people had thrown up. If you’re a “foodie” or just like to show off your cooking abilities you’ll probably want to snag Dishpal. You can pick up Dishpal : delicious app for free on Google Play.  

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