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Show Off your Favorite Books with BookAnd the 3D Book Community

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Do you like books? If you do then there’s a new Android App you may want to check out called BookAnd from TechAce software. BookAnd doesn’t let you read books, but it does let you share your love of books in a cool social way.

BookAnd lets you build your own 3D bookstore and stock it with your favorite books. Building your bookstore is easy as BookAnd gives you several different styles of stores to choose from along with dozens of different decorations for your shop. Having a nice looking shop is great and all, but as we all know you’ve gotta’ have books to actually have a bookstore. BookAnd gives you several different options to add your favorite books to your store; you can create your own categories and easily arrange things almost any way you’d like. There is also a free add-on that lets you generate your own 3D book models called the BookAnd 3D Cover Lab. Last but not least is the sharing aspect of BookAnd which allows you to browse other people’s bookstores and show yours off to the world.


I grew up loving books and even in today’s digital age I still buy them, and can honestly say I’ve never read a book on my phone or tablet. I only gave the app a brief look-over, but it has an easy to use interface and it’s an app I believe all book lovers will enjoy. There are a few spots that are a little rough around the edges, but it’s a new app and the first of its kind that I’m aware of. If you want to give it a go you can pick up TecAce Softwares BookAnd 3D Book Community App for free on Google Play.

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