Intel Introduces Silvermont Architecture for Tablets and Smart Phones

Silvermont Intel upgraded its Atom line of mobile processors with the new Silvermont architecture. Silvermont is a Bay Trail-T System on Chip (SoC) and it’s a totally new design and includes a new LTE modem. This Silvermont line of SoC is built on a 22 nanometer process, in order to be fully compatible with Intel’s new generation of Haswell chips. The cool thing about Silverline is that it’s claimed to be three times faster than the current Atom line or will be five times more economical when it comes to energy saving. This latest feature sounds marvelous for tablets and smart phones, which are becoming power hungry with their huge, high quality displays. The best thing about Silverline SoC is that you will be able to choose between a high-performance setting or you can go for autonomy, so you will get the best of both worlds, just when you need it most. When it comes to high performance, it will be achieved by a single threaded- eight core CPU, though the first generation will be quad-core. Silvermont will be found on various smart phones and tablets, running on Android or Windows Phone and even on desktop systems and consumer laptops. For this summer, a series of 2 in 1 tablets are expected with a price tag of $339, and they too will feature the new Bay Trail chips. Intel claims that with its new technology, the mobile industry will achieve over eight hours of battery life with a 30 WH battery on a 10.1 inches wide screen when playing full HD videos, 1080p/30 frames per second. When it comes to graphic applications, Silvermont supports 4k video decoding and stellar performance in the latest 3D games, but we don’t have details about the mobile GPU for now. Smart phones will benefit from the Merrifield platform, also built on 22 Nm process. Intel’s new on-board LTE modem is called XMM 7160 and it is Intel’s response to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 chip, which also has a built in LTE module. Source: Intel        

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