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Skitch is a Fun and Addictive Photo Annotation Android App

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Popular iPhone app, Skitch has just been made available on the Android Market. Actually, this follows the news that Skitch, the company was just acquired by Evernote. Right after this was announced, the Android App was released on the Android Market. Anyway, Skitch is nice Android app which lets you annotate, edit and save photos and scribbles. It’s fun approach to photo editing has been regarded as fun and addictive by those who’ve been using the iPhone app. The app lets you take a photo or use an existing one from your phone’s gallery and then draw an arrow or add a caption before sharing it to your Facebook or Twitter friends and contacts. In addition, Skitch also lets you sketch out a map, diagram or practically anything that you can imagine and draw. You can save your masterpiece on your phone or via the Evernote app if it is installed on your phone. I’ve been playing around with the app for a couple of hours now. All I can say that it’s really a simple photo manipulation app. It’s to draw squares, circles and lines to your photo and you can play around with this tools using your imagination to make your otherwise boring photos into something more colorful and fun. One thing that the app lacks which I was looking for is the photo editing features. It would have been great if you can also apply various fun photo filters aside from drawing a line, square or circle. But then, if you’re creative enough, the existing shapes (circle, square and lines) that you can draw plus the text that you can write on your photo will be enough to create your own fun, masterpiece that you can be proud of sharing to your friends. Skitch Android app is available now as a free download from the Android Market.