SkyBB releases the Sky sports app for Android

The Sky Sports app has been available on iTunes for a while and is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models and SkyBB have now released the sports app on to the Android platform. The Sky Sports Android app lets you watch Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, Sky News, At the Races and last but not least, ESPN. The app is available to download for free but, a subscription is required to actually watch the channels. If you’re already a Sky Sports subscriber, you can go ahead and use the app at no extra charge to your active Sky Sports subscription. If you don’t have an active Sky Sports subscription however, there is an in app subscription of £4.99 a month for those in the UK. In Ireland the subscription charge works out slightly less at €5.49 (£4.30).

It’s a great time for SkyBB to release the Sky Sports app with the new football (soccer) season kicking off. Hopefully however, SkyBB will increase the number of compatible devices soon before even more games take place. Currently only a select few devices are supported, including the HTC Desire, Desire S and HD, HTC Incredible, Sensation and Sensation XE. Several Samsung devices are also supported: Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note, while the Galaxy S3 however remains unsupported currently. Android devices running Jelly Bean are also currently unsupported, which at the moment is only a handful of devices. We can see this being a popular app but, an active data connection is required, either Wi-Fi or 3G and a lot of UK networks still have data caps especially on streaming. That said, for those with HDMI enabled phones the Sky Sports app subscription package is much cheaper than the TV subscription packages available and may end up signing myself up for the footie season.

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