Slam your way through Summer with the Official WWE Android App

Ohhh yeahhhh… sorry that was my inner Macho Man Randy Savage snapping into a Slim Jim. Your inner wrestler is probably just as happy as mine how that the WWE Android App has finally arrived. WWE or WWF as I still call it is a massive entity and while they’re a little late getting to the Android party wrestling fans young and old are definitely going to be happy.The WWE Android app is broken down into several different sections including Raw, Smackdown, My Universe, Superstars, Events, and Shop. Raw & Smackdown give you latest news from those shows with videos, important news, photos, and tweets. The Events and Shop sections are pretty self explanatory, while the My Universe tab lets you pick a location close to you (didn’t have my city) where you can tweet back and forth with people in your locale. The Superstars section is the meat of the app for me as it shows you a ton of WWE superstars from the past to the present. The Superstars section is broken down to let you hunt champions and stars via Smackdown, Raw, Divas, WWE Nxt, Alumni, and my personal favorite Hall of Fame.

The Superstar Section as a whole is great as you can click on a wrestler and get videos and new pertaining to that star. As I don’t currently watch WWE and haven’t since the Rock left I spent most of my time in the HOF section and man was it nice. They’ve got everyone from Andre the Giant to Bobo Brazil, and the Junkyard Dog. It’s not just full of wrestlers either, they’ve even got some WWF personalities/announcers from back in the day like Mean Gene Okerlund, Pete Rose (yeah that Pete Rose), Captain Lou Albano, and even Bob Uecker. There are some folks missing, but for the most part it’s a who’s who of your childhood if you grew up watching the WWF in its prime.


I’ve been a fan of the WWF WWE since the 80s when we had awesome stars like Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, The Iron Sheik, Brutus the Barber, Jake the Snake, Piper, and my personal favorite (RIP) the Junkyard Dog. I lost touch with the WWE after Stone Cold & The Rock left, but am still a fan of the older stuff. I almost didn’t check out the WWE App as I expected it to be full of Shamus, The Miz, Lesner, and crap about people like Paulie D and the Khloe Kardashian which it was, but the Wrestling/HOF section more than made up for it. The WWE App has a nice looking easy to use layout and there is a little something there for everyone whether you’re a fan of Cena or The Bushwhackers. The video section is pretty damned sweet as well, and it was awesome to go back and watch DDP vs. Rick Flair vs. Sting  vs. Hogan in a Fatal 4-Way Match or watch Andre the Giant in his prime. As an old-school fan there are some things I’d like to see, but overall the WWE did a great job with the app and wrestling fans young or old should be pleased with the app. If you’re into wrestling you’ll no doubt want to pick this one up and you can get it for free on Google Play.



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