Sleepy Jack now available for All Android Devices

I’ll blame missing this news on the Turkey, but a great little game called Sleepy Jack is finally available for everyone to enjoy and not just folks with an Xperia Play. Sleepy Jack is the 2nd awesome game from Silver Tree Media, makers of the popular game Cordy and Sleepy Jack is just as good if not better than their previous effort. So I’m guessing you’re wondering what Sleepy Jack is by now. Well, it’s a story of a little boy named Jack who dreams of his toys when he falls asleep. Once he’s in dreamland, you’ll need to help Jack get through some pretty crazy scenarios involving desert dwellers, deep seas monsters, and the laser-blasting Galaxianoids. The jaw-dropping graphics coupled with 40 levels, bosses, and achievements make Sleepy Jack a top-notch game that anyone can enjoy. It’s also a universal app which means you can buy it once and run it on all your supported Android devices and Tablets. Sleepy Jack is touted as a “console quality” game, and I’d have to agree 100% as its one of the best looking games you’ll find for Android. The 40 levels along with 10 bonus levels means you’ll be playing Sleepy Jack for days instead of hours, and while I’ve only been able to give it a brief run-through I can tell you it’s an awesome game. If you enjoyed Cordy or just want to play a great looking, fast paced 3D game look no further than Sleepy Jack. No free version is available right now, but you can get the paid version for $1.99 in the Android market. Sleepy Jack

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