Slice and Dice Pixely Monsters in Attack of the Spooklings

attack spooklingsWe’ve seen Android Games that have you slice fruit and other various objects, but I bet you’ve never sliced a Spookling. No worries, you’ll get to slice up thousands of them in Picaro Games Attack of the Spooklings.attack.spooklings-1 Attack of the Spooklings is a slice ‘em up game that puts your fingers to work defending a pixelated fort from hordes of little monsters. The premise is about as simple as it gets – you slice every Spookling you see, and if one makes it to the game its game over. You won’t be penalized for swiping the screen like a madman either; instead you’ll be rewarded for taking down waves with deadly precision. There are no levels in Attack of the Spooklings, but the waves of pixely monsters never stop and come in many different configurations. It’s a game of numbers, and if you dig stats there are plenty to dig through as the game keeps track of all your swipes, taps, streaks, and scores. If you enjoy games like Fruit Ninja, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Attack of the Spooklings. It’s a different kind of swipe-based game that can be played for a few minutes or for hours on end. There’s an ad-supported free version of the game you can check out, and if you like what you see the ad-free version will only set you back $0.99. Both versions of Attack of the Spooklings are available to download on Google Play.

Attack of the Spooklings

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