Slice up Demons while learning Japanese in Fude Samurai for Android

There are a lot of learning games on Google Play, but Fude Samurai is the first one we’ve seen that can teach you Japanese. While it won’t have you speaking Japanese in a few days or weeks, you can learn to write Kanji’s which are used in the modern Japanese writing system. Fude Samurai is a running game that puts you to work taking down skeletal warriors and demon birds as you run through a cherry blossom orchard. The actual gameplay is fairly simple as you’ll tap to take down enemies, but things get tricky when “Kanjis” come into play. As you progress in the game you’ll learn different strokes and will be called upon to use them in battle. Fude Samurai has a unique way of teaching you the different Kanji and vocabulary with lessons and audio files; it’s hard to explain, but pretty easy to pick up on once you’ve run through the tutorial. Fude Samurai manages to pull off something special as it’s a learning game that’s actually quite a bit of fun. The game can teach you 103 Kanjis, but there’s a catch as you’ll have to unlock “sets” of Kanjis via the in-app purchasing setup. They run a little over a buck each, and you’ll have to pay around 6 bucks if you want the entire game unlocked. You do get the tutorial levels and some training stages for free though so you can try before you buy. If you want to give it a shot you can pick up Osom Videogames Fude Samurai on Google Play.

Fude Samurai

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