Slime vs. Mushroom 2 is a funky little strategy game from the folks at Westriver. You are the slime, and the mushrooms are your mortal enemy out to take you down. We’re not sure why the two are enemies, but we do know that it makes for a very fun game.


Your job in the game is to defend your slimy little village from the evil mushrooms and you’ll do so by placing various slimes with different powers around the battlefield. Some slimes produce little slimes which you’ll in turn use to buy more slimes. Other slimes are offensive, and some will even produce diamonds that you can use to upgrade your slimy little warriors. The gameplay is very similar to Plants vs. Zombies except it’s a whole lot slimier. Slime vs. Mushrooms gives gamers around 100 levels broken down into 10 chapters, and there’s also a shop that lets you buy new slime. There seems to be around 25 different slimes you can buy from the shop, and each slime will have its own set of unique abilities and skills. Just browsing through the store I noticed slimes with Ice, Poison Gas, and Lighting attacks, defensive units, healers, and plenty of other types. All the slimes are upgradable as well although I’m not sure how many times you can upgrade them.


While I never played or heard of the first game, Slime vs. Mushrooms is a pretty fun little time waster. The difficulty level is just about right as well; I was able to breeze through the first few levels, but it didn’t’ take long before I was getting overwhelmed by swarms of mean little slimes. The 100 levels should keep most people busy for awhile, and the game is very easy to play. If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up Slime vs. Mushroom 2 on Google Play for free.  

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