Smuttlewerk Interactive releases Nosferatu – Run from the Sun for Android

Nosferatu, Strigoi, Dracula. These are all names for the blood sucking monster known as Dracula, and there are probably a few more we forgot. No matter the name, the one common thread that links all vampire is fear of sunlight which is the premise for Smuttlewerk Interactive’s Nosferatu – Run from the Sun. Nosferatu – Run from the Sun is an endless running style game where you play the big eared vampire trying to escape the sun among other things. When the game starts you start running and you can control little Dracula by tapping on the screen to jump & double jump over enemies and buildings. You can also enter “Bat mode” which lets you turn into your bat form and take to the skies where you’ll swipe up and down to get about. It’s a very simple setup and a lot of fun especially if you dig running games. Nosferatu Run from the Sun has some extras as well that range from boosters and magnets to costumes for lil’ Nosferatu. The costumes I thought were especially cool; there are 6 in all and I really liked Nos Vicious and Bunny Nos.


Nosferatu – Run from the Sun is a solid game and it features the cutest lil’ Vampire you’re likely to see. The action is pretty fast paced, and I bit the dust more than once on my first few runs until I got the timing down; since then I’ve had a hard time putting it down and have had a great time with it thus far. If you’d like to give it a run you can check out Nosferatu – Run from the Sun for free on Google Play.

Nosferatu – Run from the Sun

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