Sneak Peek: Mana Chronicles Android Game

If you liked the Android game Phoenix Spirit which we reviewed earlier, well you should be watching out for another adventure-RPG type of game called Mana Chronicles. It’s from the same developers as Phoenix Spirit. And if the game’s title sounds familiar to you, you probably own an iOS device as well. Mana Chronicles is a direct port of the iOS version to the Android platform. Mana Chronicles Android Game – What is it? The game is your typical hack and slash game ¬†with an element of RPG plus tons of action. Like any other RPGs that you may have played before, Mana Chronicles also revolves on a epic story. The game’s storyline is your simple saving the world from the evil forces. You take the role of Leon aided by Mars, the god of war. You will use the god’s magical armor and weapons to defeat the evil forces of Inferno, the game’s antagonist. Mana Chronicles Android Game – Gameplay and Features? Mana Chronicles is your typical sidescrolling action game. You’re give a virtual d-pad and attack buttons with several weapons that you can choose to use against the enemies. You can switch from one available to another while in the middle of the battle. The game also gives you super abilities which involves the usual fire, ice and lightning attacks. You can also collect items that you can use to level up your character. You’d also be able to play two game modes – story and mission mode, where the later requires you to gather some of the best items through the mission mode.

Mana Chronicles Android Game – Graphics and Sound The game features 2D sprite graphics on a beautifully rendered backdrop. It’s not the best-looking Android games around but its graphics is decent enough for viewing on your Android phones. When it comes to the sound department, the game delivers pretty well. The background theme adds excitement and an adventure feel to the game. Mana Chronicles Android Game – Our Verdict Mana Chronicle is a pretty solid action-RPG that both die-hard RPG fans would love to play as it has a classic appeal, reminiscent of the 8-bit gaming era. If you’re not really an RPG fan and you’re just looking for a hack-and-slash type of game, you might want to consider this game. When it comes to overall gaming aspects, Mana Chronicles deliver the goods and delivers it pretty well. Mana Chronicles will be available on the Android Market on December 15. So watch out for that date. In the meantime, check out the demo video of Mana Chronicles below.

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