SNK Playmore unleashes Metal Slug 3 for Android

Fans of Retro gaming got a nice surprise this weekend as we got a cool retro Android game in the form of Metal Slug 3 from SNK Playmore. If you played the original on the NeoGeo you already know what to expect, and if you missed out on that action now is your chance to experience the awesomeness known as Metal Slug 3. Metal Slug 3 has all the things that you know and love from the original game and you’ll get you blast your way through the enemy with your Slug Mariners, Elephant Slugs, Drill Slugs and many, many more. Metal Slug 3 offers up Arcade mode and Mission Mode; the latter mode lets you select which stage you want to play which is handy if you get stuck or really want to “master” a particular mission. The game also features a branching map system that lets you take a different route at the end of each play-through and you can do co-op gameplay via Bluetooth so you can battle it out with a little help from a friend. Last but not least, you’ve got OpenFeint which will allow you to check your scores and achievements against the best in the world.


Metal Slug 3 snuck up on me as I didn’t realize it was even out until a few hours ago so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I was a big fan of the original though, and from what I can tell the Android version looks to be a spot-on port of the original. Unfortunately there isn’t a free version of the game to check out at this time, and the full version is a little pricy if you’re on the fence about the game. Personally, I’ll be picking this one up and if you’d like to give it a go you can grab Metal Slug 3 for $6.99 on Google Play.

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