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Snoopy’s Street Fair hits Google Play in Taiwan and Brazil

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Snoopys.Street.Fair-AndroidYou may remember the name Beeline Interactive from the insanely popular game Smurf’s Village. Snoopy’s Street Fair is another popular game from the developer, and a few weeks ago an Android version finally surfaced from the European division of the group. While it’s only available in two regions at the moment, it means we are finally getting closer to a wide release.snoopys.street.fair-1
Snoopy’s Street Fair is a building game set in the world of The Peanuts. You’ll take control of Chuck and the gang so you can build up a Street Fair to raise money for new baseball uniforms. You’ll do this through setting up stalls, and fan favorites like Lucy’s Psychiatric Service and Sally’s Lemonade Stand are included. There seems to be several mini-games and micro-games included as well like the marshmallow roasting game and a few Snoopy games of course. Snoopy’s Street Fair boasts a roster of 26 Peanuts characters, and there are 72 Peanuts cartoon strips to collect as you progress through the game.

Snoopy’s Street Fair has been out for a while on the web and iOS. The release by Beeline Interactive Europe is a soft launch, and if all goes well we should see wide release once it’s over. If you live in Brazil or Taiwan you can hit the link below and grab the game now, we’ll update you when we get a date on a wide release.

Snoopy’s Street Fair