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Soar through Space as a Sloth in FPO's Star Sloth for Android

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Sloths are known for a lot of things, and being lazy is one of them. Such is the case in Star Sloth from FPO Projects which follows a sleepy little sloth on his cheeseburger delivery route through the galaxy. Yup, you read that right… a cheeseburger delivering space sloth. Star Sloth follows the story of a lazy Sloth who’s tasked with delivering cheesburgers to scores of little astronauts drifting through space. We all know that sloths are slow, but luckily this sloth rides a rocket so he’s faster than most. Whenever you see a customer you have to “fire” a cheeseburger their way; if you miss them they tend to get a little irate so you’ll want to try and hit everyone you see. You’ll also encounter obstacles along the way in the form of mines, black holes, and the tricky burger thief that flies in and steals your burgers from time to time. I’m not sure if there’s any sort of level count in the game, but there are 3 extra unlockable galaxies in the shop. The shop also has a few other cool treats to trick your sloth out with like Kucklezzz, energy drinks, and awake glasses that you can buy with your hard earned delivery credits. The dev’s even threw in some veggie burgers for all you non-meat eaters out there.


Star Sloth is a fast-paced game that’s liable to give you fits, and certainly won’t put you to sleep. I only gave it a brief run, but it looks to be a solid game all around and was quite a bit of fun to play. Honestly, I was pretty much sold on the game when I heard it was about a Rocket riding hamburger slinging Sloth. You can check out the awesomeness of Star Sloth for yourself over on Google Play for $1.99.

Star Sloth

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