Some Android Smartphones Will Have BBM Preinstalled

BBM I know, we are here a bunch of Android and Android apps lovers, but this news story seems pretty interesting, as RIM announced a few days ago that it will make available to Android users its very popular BBM (BlackBerry messenger). The BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM will be ready to go out of the box on some Android running smart phones and, horribile dictu, even for iPhone users. The Canadians are aiming high, hoping that with this smart move, they will regain some of their long lost commercial success. As you know, BlackBerry is not doing very well, even if they have some very interesting smart phones in their portfolio. It may be a marketing flaw, it may be the hefty price tag of their devices, who knows, but in terms of business and office, their QWERTY smart phones kick ass in my humble opinion. Moving along, RIM stated that there is interest for their product from other companies, to me it looks like a long shot. The concept behind RIM’s new idea is that users enjoying the BBM app on their Droids, may take a closer look on other products from BlackBerry, i.e. their smart phones, maybe… We must take into consideration that Apple has its own messaging service, namely the iMessage and I can’t see why they would like competition, also Samsung  with its own ChatOn doesn’t seem to be a potential customer, but who knows? Maybe other Android manufacturers will be convinced by the quality of BBM, which I personally  love. BlackBerry’s devices are currently used by over 50 million people  and their customers are using their smart phones frantically, for like an hour and a half a day. That’s true love, meaning that their BBM and other Apps are quite addictive. The BBM app for Android/iOS is expected to arrive in app stores on June 27’th. Source : CNET    

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