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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Comes to the Android Market

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Sega has just released Sonic 4: Episode 1 to the Android Market. This game has been getting some raves  last year when it was released for the iPhone and iPad. The Android version is almost similar to the iOS version when it comes to gameplay features and even how the game looks on an Android tablet or Android smartphone. The game has 2 exclusive levels that were said to be built specifically for smartphones using the accelerometer. So if you’ve played the Sonic 4 in PC or console, you might notice these two extra levels not present in previous versions of the game. The said Android game also features the classic Sonic the Hedgehog moves that we’ve all loved – including homing attack, dash move and more. The game also offers 4 unique zones with 4 acts each and 7 special stages. For replayability purpose, SEGA has also included the ability to return to special stages for you to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds that will in turn let you unlock and play Super Sonic. Of course, the big boss battles are still there. Dr. Eggman is back with new and improved mechas that will certainly give you a hard time in beating them. But then if you’re a veteran Sonic player, you’ll know what to do to bring Dr. Eggman down. Sonic 4: Episode 1  is available now from the Android Market for $3.99.