Sonic to Jump on to Android next month

Sega recently announced a new Sonic game for mobile devices. The game, Sonic Jump has already been released for iOS devices last week with no word on an Android release. Sega have now however confirmed that their latest mobile Sonic game will be available on Android in November. The game resembles over similar “jumping” games available on Android such as Doodle Jump. The game is a vertical game, where as most other Sonic games are side scrollers. In the game there is a story mode which features 36 levels and takes place over familiar Sonic worlds, including the Green Hill Zone. As well as climbing to the top of the different worlds the game also offers players the chance to take on Dr Eggman in head-to-head Boss Battles. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sonic game without rings to collect and other enemies to defeat. The game features enemies that will be familiar to Sonic fans and on top of that there are spikes to avoid, again like you would find in a side scrolling Sonic game. In each level there are three red star rings to collect and you are scored on each level based on how while you do. As well as story mode, the game features Arcade mode where players can continually keep jumping and try to beat their previous high score. Sonic Jump is expected to be priced on Android the same as it currently is in iOS, which is $1.99/£1.49/€1.59 when its released on to the Google Play Store. [youtube]

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