Sony Ericsson LiveView Android Accessory Will Make You Forget About Your Phone

If you own the bulky Xperia X10 smartphone or any other relatively big Android phone, you’d be glad about what Sony Ericsson has just announced – the LiveView Micro OLED display. The Sony Ericsson LiveView basically provides you with a miniature external display for your Android phones. It connects with your Android phones via Bluetooth and lets you do some normal things that you’d do often on your Android phones – read Facebook updates, control your Android phone’s music player, receive notification and read texts and Tweets and check incoming calls. More importantly the Sony Ericsson LiveView supports and interacts with Android apps installed in your Android phones. This will be made possible through the Sony Ericsson LiveWare Manager app. This scans the Android Marketplace for Sony Ericsson LiveView-enabled apps. The Sony Ericsson LiveView sports a small form factor. Too small that you can clip it anywhere – attach it on a watch strap, on a keychain or clipped to a laptop. In fact, Sony Ericsson will be including a cool watch strap when the LiveView display. The Sony Ericsson LiveView  will be available in stores from Q4, 2010, just in time for the roll-out of Android 2.1 to some Sony Ericsson Android phones since the display accessory only supports Android 2.1 or newer. Via Sony Ericsson PR

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