Sony Japan has just announced their latest endeavor which is aimed at bringing the world of Playstation Portable gaming to Android devices. Dubbed – Playstation Suite, this new initiative will deliver the Playstation experience to Android-based portable devices. In other words, with Playstation Suite, Android 2.3 devices will enjoy Playstation content, specifically games made for the Sony PSP console. Actually, details of the Playstation Suite read a little vague right now. According to the official Sony announcement Sony will be providing Android-powered hardware manufacturers with “Playstation Certified” license program. This program will be used by Sony to offer necessary support such as game development support and logo licensing that will ensure the delivery of Playstation quality experience across various Android devices. For games, Sony is providing original Playstation ONE classic game titles starting this year. In addition, Sony is also opening up its Playstation Store to allow Android device users to download content. It’s not yet clear as to which Android devices will be getting the Sony Playstation treatment. But most likely, the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will be among the first Android devices to have this feature. And of course, future Android 2.3-powered devices as well. Stay tuned for more details about this development. In the meantime, we would like to ask you our dear readers if you are in any way excited about the prospect of playing Sony Playstation games on your Android devices? via Sony Japan

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