A couple of days ago, it was announced that Sony is coming out with its own Reader app for Android phones. I was checking out the Android Market for the past couple of days but couldn’t find it until now. The app, simply called “Reader” is now available for free from the Android Market. Unfortunately, it only supports devices running Android 2.2. Sorry to break that out to you our dear readers. But if you own an Android phone with Froyo running, go ahead and get the app now. If you have the Sony Daily Edition e-reader and you purchase your e-books from the Sony E-bookstore, this Android app will be a good companion as the app syncs your reading position, bookmarks and highlights with the e-reader device. The Sony Reader Android app also lets you adjust font sizes as you read e-books. It also comes with 3 free classic titles and 3 bestseller excerpts to get you started in using the app. As an Android app, the Sony Reader sports a simple and straight-forward interface. via Gadgetell

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