Sony releases Photo Editor & Video Connector for Android

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years or so, chances are you know the name Sony and you know to expect quality when you hear the name. Sony has released quite a few Android apps under different departments and they just put out two new photo and video editing Apps this morning with Photo Editor and Video Connector. Sony’s Photo Editor is a full-fledged photo editor for your phone that lets you do effects, frames, and stickers along with a slew of other editing features. There are over 40 effects in all and you can fix any changes you make (and don’t like) easily with the undo/redo features. The Video Connector on the other hand takes multiple clips of movies taken from your phone and pieces them all together into on full movie. I’ve got a ton of random clips on my phone and had a chance to play around with the Video Connector a few days ago, so I can honestly say it’s easy to use and very handy for piecing together video clips. Both the Photo Editor and Video Connector have slick yet simple interfaces and all of Sony’s SDNA Apps work well together. I didn’t get to play around with the apps as much as I would have liked due to Turkey Day fast approaching along with Black Friday, but I can tell you that Sony did a great job and the two new editors are a welcome addition to the market. Sony has another app coming up “possibly” next month that will be an excellent addition to Sony’s current lineup of photo & video editing apps; while I can’t tell you the name yet, I can tell you that if you’ve enjoyed their previous products you’ll love the next one. Until then, you should definitely check out Photo Editor & Video Connector as they’re very handy to have if you take a lot of pictures or videos on your Android device. No trial is available at the moment, but you can get Photo Editor for $2.49 and Video Connector for $2.99 in the Android market. Photo Manager Video Connector

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