Sony Xperia Z – Leaded video caps shows off more

The Sony Xperia Z is kind of like Lindsey Lohan in her prime time, everyone wanted to see what she had to show and boy show she did. The Sony Xperia Z has been doing the same, popping up here and there after a while, catching our attention and making us drool (well me at least). Once again thanks to a Weibo user, a guy named Alfred (yeah batman’s butler) we have gotten a good look at the upcoming smartphone. The regarding images of Sony Xperia Z are seemingly captured from a promotional video showing off various features of the next Sony branded flagship smartphone. The features might not be revolutionary and are naturally marketing gimmicks but they sure are interesting to see. First up is the full HD 1080p screen which is shown displaying vivid colors. And to be honest until we get our hands on the device we won’t be able to gauge the quality of the screen anyways. The stills show Sony Xperia Z drenched in water droplets, in the same pattern which forms when you put your phone on the shelf and wash your face. This means that the Sony Xperia Z is water resistant too.  Keep in mind that being water proof and water resistant are two totally different things. You won’t be able to go scuba diving with the Sony Xperia Z. The smartphone also has a amped up camera with 13 MP working to make sweet pictures for you. Sony’s camera tech has always been good and it will be nice to see what the smartphone has to offer in terms of picture and video quality. Furthermore the Sony Xperia Z also has the ability to shoot HDR photos as well as videos, this is something new. We also got to see the back of the smart looking smartphone in another still. The Sony Xperia Z is shaping up to be a hell of a phone with a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, Adreno 320 GPU and 2 GB RAM, it will run apps like hot knife through butter. There are more pictures to be viewed at the source likes below. Enjoy. Source: ePrice, XperiaBlog

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