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Sony Xperia ZU Pictures Leaked, Looks Huge

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Sony Xperia ZU Once again I write about the latest phablet  Sony is expected to launch any time soon, I am talking about the Sony Xperia ZU. Some of us are looking forward to see it in action, for others maybe it’s not such a big deal, anyway, just minutes ago photos of the Xperia  ZU surfaced on the internet, let’s take a look:

Sony Xperia ZU

The images are leaked by an anonymous source and they are depicting the huge screen of Sony Xperia Zu in all its splendor. Yes, the phablet is enormous, as you can see for yourself. Xperia ZU is codenamed Togari and it appears that you will have to use an S-Pen kind of device for best results, just like with  the Samsung Note.

Initially, I was reluctant when I’ve heard about the stylus, it’s kind of old fashioned in my book, one thing you can easily live without. But as we can see from the leaked pictures, it is very probable it’s just another thing you must live with, if you are using the ZU. To me, it looks silly. It remains to be seen how Sony implemented the technology, how it stands in terms of accuracy and sensitivity.

Analyzing the first picture, it shows how the Sony Xperia ZU looks like when compared to the current  Japanese flagship smartphone,  the Xperia ZR, in terms of dimensions obviously, and also next to Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Taking into account that the Xperia ZR sports a 4.55 inches wide touch screen and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5 inches one, you can imagine how silly you will look holding onto a huge 6.5 inches wide Xperia ZU, and way sillier when you’re taking pictures with that frying pan. Just kidding, but I mean, cmmon, it’s like buying a Porsche, over compensating for something, don’t you think folks? You need a carrying bag for that huge Sony Xperia ZU, you must go work out in order to sustain a 10 minutes convo…

The Sony Xperia ZU is expected to run on a Snapdragon 800 system on chip, the latest and greatest in the industry, and also will come loaded with Android 4.2.2 out of the box. There are rumors about an IP58 certification too, meaning that ZU is a tough soldier, water and dust resistant.

There is a press conference to be  held tomorrow by Sony in Germany and China and it’s very probable that the Sony Xperia ZU will see action during the press event.

Source: Anonymous