Fans of Spacetime Studios MMORPG’s should be happy this week as the studio finally released Dark Legends for Android. Dark Legends is a complete 360 from the groups other games, as their new title is adult oriented and deals with the world of Vampires. Dark Legends takes place in a world full of Vampires, Zombies, and Humans. You play a Vampire trying to survive in a world that’s turned against you.  If you’ve never played one of Spacetime Studios other MMORPG’s you’ll have no problem starting with Dark Legends as there is a nice walkthrough that takes you through the game and shows you the ropes. The game is “task based” and is broken down into campaigns and maps; there are 9 campaigns and each map seems to have around 15 different sites. Some tasks are very simple and just require that you wait a certain amount of time for your reward while others have you fighting with ghosts, zombies, and other creatures of the night. The setup is the same as a lot of other time-based games, but still a lot of fun nonetheless. I played the game for around 2 hours straight last night and only had to take one break to let my energy actually build back up. There are plenty of gear and weapons to be had, and of course you’ve got the in-app purchase setup if you want to get a jump on other players I the game.


Dark Legends is a big game with a lot going on, and I’ve really been impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I’m usually not a fan of time/energy based games, but Dark Legends is an exception I’m willing to make. The graphics look great, and the game works flawlessly on my slowly aging captivate. I will be doing a massive review on the game sometime next week, so be sure to check back to get the full rundown on Dark Legends. You won’t want the little ones to play this one, but I highly recommend that everyone else give it a go. You can pick up Spacetime Studios Dark Legends for free on Google Play.  

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