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Spin a Web of Fun with Tango Games SpiderWay for Android

by On

Spiders are generally considered creepy by most of us although they can be fun from time to time. SpiderWay is a new Android game from Tango games that does a great job of showing you just how fun those creepy little arachnids can be with its colorful and challenging puzzles. SpiderWay is a spider puzzler that uses webbing to get you where you’re going. Each level set of 3 strings and the ends are marked red, blue, and yellow. Your job is to get the colored spider to the correct string buy using webs. If a Yellow Spider starts out on the blue line you just need to draw a web patch to the yellow line and it will cross over. The challenging part comes into play due to the fact that your supply of web/lines are limited, and you’ll have to erase your old ones to keep spiders from going the wrong way. SpiderWay also has several slick mini-games, unique power-ups, and 50 fun levels. I only gave SpiderWay a very brief play this afternoon, but it looks to be a solid puzzler and its pretty damned fun. I’ll be going a bit more in-depth with the game over the weekend so check back next week for a full review of the game. If you’d like to give it a go now you can pick up Tango Games SpiderWay for free on Google Play.