Splay! A New thumb friendly launcher for Android

splay1 ELSE LTD. has recently ported their thumb oriented launcher named Splay to Android. Splay originally was designed for a cancelled product called the First Else that was supposed to “revolutionize” mobile devices back in 2008. Fortunately the Splay portion of that long dead project has survived to make its way to us as a functioning Launcher. The Splay launcher has been recently released by ELSE as a free beta and it looks better than ever. splay The Splay launcher is configured to make the most use of the right thumb. By placing your thumb on the right side towards the middle of your device screen you bring up a “fan” of user options. Splay’s right side fan user interface layout has four main categories to start with. With swipes of the thumb to the different directions of the fan you can access the Phone for contacts, calls, and call log. The other directions will let you access Media for cameras, music and such and also Apps for quick access to your favorite apps. The final thumb swipe category is called Diary which gives you access to you email, calendar and messaging. Basically swiping to any of these major categories opens sub menus that you can move to by the continuous use of your thumb. Swiping back and forth will take you in and out of each category. This is impressive because how many time have you had to inconveniently take hold of your device with both hands to navigate effectively? The idea of competently being able to navigate your device with one hand is very appealing and Splay’s Android port has made it a reality. The Splay launcher is still in its beta form and will obviously have some fine tuning done before it can be called complete but the concept is solid and will definitely attract attention. It’s free for the moment, so go to Google Play to and try out the Splay launcher. Source- engadget

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