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Spring into Action with Games2Be's Spoing for Android

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We’ve already covered one of Games2be’s new Android games called FireCraft, and now were’ back with another one called Spoing. What’s Spoing you ask? It’s a physics-based game that involves trampolines and cute little creature named Spoing …

Spoing follows a little creature that’s just trying to help out his buddy Alvin by guarding some jewels. Needless to say, the jewels are stolen (thanks to some knockout gas) and it’s your job to get them back one gem at a time.  Your main means of travel in Spoing are trampolines, and it’s obviously from the first level that it’s going to be an interesting little game. You basically have to fling yourself onwards and upwards while collecting gems in 10 unique underground caves. Spoing has several different tracks to zone out to, super slick graphics, and the gameplay is top-notch as well.


There’s a lot to like about Spoing from the quirky little creatures to the overall atmosphere and background music. Just like with FireCraft (and transformers), there’s more to the game than meets the eye, and bouncing around on the trampolines is a blast. I’ll be taking a closer look at Spoing as soon as I’m finished reviewing FireCraft… I haven’t even touched on Plopp yet so look for something on that one soon as well. Games2be has definitely made a fan outta’ me, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. If you’re ready for some physics-based fun you can check out Spoing Lite for free or jump straight to the full version for $1.22.