Sprint Rumored To Launch Several High End Smartphones at CTIA

At the CTIA event coming at the end of March, Sprint will have 2 and a half hours of presenting time to introduce presumably new cell phones and tablets. According to information received by Engadget, Sprint is expected to release two smartphones and a tablet. The first device expected to be launched by Sprint is the Samsung Nexus S 4G, which is similar to the smartphone sold by T-Mobile from Google except with a WiMAX radio. The Google Nexus S is a high quality Android smartphone running Gingerbread, and having a 4G radio will make it even better and more appealing. The second smartphone rumored to launch is the EVO 3D, presumably manufactured by HTC, although that detail is left out. Since 2011 is already marked by vast advances in the 3D industry, especially coming to phones and tablets, it’s no surprise to hear that Sprint is considering launching a 3D capable smartphone. The last item mentioned in the rumor is a tablet called the EVO View, which is probably the HTC Flyer introduced at MWC. If this rumor does indeed come true, Sprint should have some very interesting products to introduce come CTIA, which should make up for a lackluster CES and Kyocera Echo introduction.

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