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Sprint's Samsung Epic Touch 4G Rumored to Launch On September 9

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The Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is reportedly known as the Samsung Epic Touch 4G.  Obviously, the device is the successor to the original Galaxy S (Epic 4G), so Sprint wants to continue the brand name but reveal to potential customers that it doesn’t sport the same slider QWERTY keyboard. In any event, Samsung is hosting a special event on August 29th presumably to introduce the Galaxy S II in the United States.  According to a rumor by SprintFeed, Sprint will launch the Epic Touch 4G on September 9th, making it the first American carrier to launch the iconic Galaxy S II. As of now, this is only a rumor so keep that in mind before you plan to take a day off from work on the 9th to be the first to get the Galaxy S II.  We should know more after August 29th, when Samsung introduces the phone.